Propose to make the properties of the \Magento\SalesSequence\Model\Sequence class protected instead of private, so to allow the subclasses to access them

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After several visits on I have finally decided to create an account in order to reply to this particular post.

I’ve been trying to override this class to customize order numbers without success yet as the properties are private.

@dmitry_fedyuk, have you been able to find a workaround? I imperatively need the order numbers to be assigned in a custom way since the begining where it gets reserved as other extensions will be relying on it from there on.

Your comments would be very appreciated!

Yes, check my «Sales Documents Numeration» extension.

@dmitry_fedyuk, thank you for your answer.

I was aware that you made an extension for creating custom order numbers.

I was actually hoping for an opened solution and I completely understand that not everything is meant to be shared publicly.

I provide also the paid support service for such consulting.