How much does it cost to add the subscription and recurring payments feature to the Stripe extension?

Hi Dmitry,

Need customization for implementing the subscription and autorenewal features for Magento2 stripe extension. Please let me know the cost for this implementation.

$900, 1 week.
Additional information for readers:

Thanks for your information on the pricing for customization.

Seems once you had integrated this feature as customization for me, then it will be available for free to all of your customers. Kindly offer some discount on pricing for customization.

No. The price is final.

Hello Dmitry,

Hope you doing great!

Please confirm me whether the below listed features are included in this customization for add the subscription and recurring payments feature to the Stripe extension

Features :

  • Create subscription plan based on day/week/month/year.
  • Subscription Auto-renewal/recurring payment.
  • Need to confirm with customer before placing an order in the website whether customer need subscription auto-renewal or not like by getting the value in a checkbox.
  • The subscription plans needs to get created inside stripe account.
  • Possible to purchase the subscription and regular products together in a single order.
  • Subscription should work for both single & multiple products process in an order
  • Option to select subscription option for each product in the cart/checkout.
  • Subscription should support bundle,virtual,simple product types.
  • Canceling and Pausing Subscriptions.
  • Subscription invoice(Creates an invoice, Attempts to pay the invoice and Closes the invoice) and Subscription renewal invoices.
  • Applying Discounts to Subscriptions.

Yes, all these features will be implemented.

Thanks for your confirmation.

Is it possible to tell me when you will start the work, so that I can proceed further.

The implementation will be started after I will have it paid.
I have sent you a PayPal invoice.
Please note that I am unable to implement multiple tasks in parallel, so if you will order the ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment option implementation too, then the the implementation time will be summed up.

Thanks for your information.

I understand that its not possible to do the customization tasks in parallel. Also I shared the payment information to my client and he feels like charging $800 for this customization would be great. Is it possible?

Learn the answer above.

Hello Dmitry,

Hope you doing great!

Please confirm me whether you will start working on the customization if I make a payment to your invoice by today, also please confirm me whether you will work on customization during weekends and Christmas holidays.

Yes, I will. I always mean the real calendar days in my terms for all my services.