I need to install the 2Checkout extension to Magento Enterprise


I have installed extension on magento CE 2.2.0 and it worked fine. but having issue deployment on magento enterprise.

i need to know how can i install 2checkout extension on magento EE 2.2.0 production server. I tried to install using composer ( manually updating entries ) but it didn’t worked as it has lot of dependencies ( .i.e phpunit, sbestian, and so on ).

I found out it is working fine on local since it has all the dependencies installed in CE but these are not available on enterprise.

Also tell me what time you are available if we need your installation services.

could you tell me at what time will you be available for installation of this, actually we are running out of time and is some urgency.

How much time it would take to install a Mage2.PRO extension using the free installation service?