How to open the backend «Stores» → «Configuration» page?

[Stripe] Extension settings
How to show the «Date of Birth» calendar on the frontend «Create New Customer Account» and «Edit Account Information» pages?
How to set a frontend locale (language) for a website, store, or store view?
How to create or customize the robots.txt?
Where are the standard payment methods settings located in the Magento 2 backend?
How to customize placeholders for the missed product images?
How to separate product prices for websites with the «Catalog Price Scope» option?
How to set different base currencies for the websites with the «Base Currency» option?
Where are the tax settings located in the backend?
How to include the taxes to an order's total amount on the frontend pages?
«Tax» → «Calculations Settings» → «Tax Calculation Method Based On»
How to remove the secret key from the backend URLs?
How to prevent the backend logging out after 15 minutes of inactivity?
How to disable the WYSIWYG editor in the backend?
Where are the standard shipping methods settings located in the backend?
How to upload shipping rates to the «Table Rates» shipping module?
How to use the inline translation?
How is the «Add to Wishlist» link implemented of a frontend product page?
Where are the checkout options located in the backend?
How to allow (or deny) the visitors to buy without a registration? (the «guest checkout»)
How to make the transactional email being sent asynchronously or synchronously?
[] Extension settings
Where are the DHL shipping account id and password credentials stored in the backend?
How can a widget's parameter be required and depend on another parameter?
How to force HTTPS for the frontend URLs?
How to force HTTPS for the backend URLs?
How to enable multishipping?
What is the difference between the source models and attribute options?
All the Magento 2 websites based on the latest 2.1.6 and or an earlier version with the disabled «Add Secret Key to URLs» option are vulnerable to DC-2017-04-003 (Remote Code Execution, CSRF))
How to enable or disable the static content signing?
How to assign a category page as the Home page?